“If you feel blocked, do not turn to others, but look inside, in silence, for the enemy of your progress.”
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“If you feel blocked, do not turn to others, but look inside, in silence, for the enemy of your progress.”

This Week

Happy New Year’s Eve, friends. I know the newsletter has been silent for a little while, but this seemed like a good time to reestablish contact.

Some project updates for you: I posted a list of my favorite horror films of 2021 at my website. I’ll be posting my customary “things I liked” list over the weekend and my completed 2021 media log.

In December, my podcast Quiet Little Horrors released a pair of episodes on Repulsion and Last Night in Soho. This weekend we’re sending out a little episode to review our second season and talk about what’s coming up next year. It’s a good time to send us future film recommendations if you’ve got them: hello@quietlittlehorrors.com.

A quick recap of fiction writing in 2021: I only submitted one piece for publication this year, but it did get published, so that was pretty cool. “The Lake Michigan Monster” appeared in The Molotov Cocktail in October.

Overall, 2021 felt like an odd year. On a personal level, many things improved, for which I’m grateful—but at the end of the year I’m realizing everything seemed to take a little more effort than it otherwise would in non-pandemic times. I got rather burnt out in December. I’m taking a deep breath and adjusting my expectations. I hope you are all safe and well and equally committed to taking it slow in the future. Being here now is in itself quite an accomplishment.


Atlas Obscura did a great podcast on of my favorite things in the world, the House on the Rock.

“But if collecting is, at heart, an extremely ordinary practice, its very mundanity gives us its meaning.” Haruki Murakami's t-shirts, and why we collect stuff.

A brief history of the graphical user interface.

Black mermaids: the waters beyond Eurocentric mythology.

Reconsidering the tiki bar.

John Waters’s favorite films of 2021.

Criterion’s most anticipated films of 2022.

Also at Criterion, a fantastic collection of short pieces by women writers on the serial killer movies they love, which covers several of my interests at once.

“To forgive is perhaps the supreme human capacity, it can feel counter-intuitive yet it is wholly crucial to our survival, not just of our own selves, but also of our species in general. It is what Derrida calls, ‘a madness of the impossible’. In short, we must strive to forgive the unforgivable.” Nick Cave.


Lately I’ve just been stuffing in all the stuff I missed over the year and putting all my attention into my year-end lists. Hit my website for those and next time I’ll get back to the usual updates.

Happy New Year! Keep going.


This week’s quote is from Jeff Buckley.