“It is one thing to be good at what you do and it is another thing to be good and bold enough to have fun while doing it.”
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“It is one thing to be good at what you do and it is another thing to be good and bold enough to have fun while doing it.”

This Week

I just realized this morning that I inadvertently arranged my second vaccine dose on Mother's Day weekend. Yay for me? Anyway, happy Mother's Day to all who do that sort of thing. Make someone do something for you for once.

The history of the newsletter, dating back to handwritten editions in mid-fifteenth-century Venice.

“’People were turning away from protests because the new reality was you could die,’ Casale said. ‘They either went underground or got really creative.’” How the Kent State shooting changed American music.

Nomadland is one of only six movies focused on the lives and stories of women ever to win the award. That’s in 93 years.” What Nomadland’s Oscar win means in the scope of cinematic history.

“Here is a man with enormous talent, grace and good humour, who is inherently linked to our most carefree childhood moments, and who should have had a far easier ride than he did. Seeing him flourish again would provide a degree of hope for us, too.” How Brendan Fraser became the internet’s favourite movie star.

An oral history of The Sopranos episode “Pine Barrens.”

Is Chicago really in the Midwest?

I love this video rental store miniature.

Miniature diorama of vintage video rental store with green carpet, wood paneling and shelves of video cases

“What do we do with suffering? As far as I can see, we have two choices—we either transform our suffering into something else, or we hold on to it, and eventually pass it on.” Nick Cave. https://www.theredhandfiles.com/utility-of-suffering/


  • Late on this one, but turns out the game dev workplace sitcom Mythic Quest is really funny and pretty sweet and surprisingly accurate in certain aspects of tech jobs. The second season drops today (Apple TV), highly recommended.
  • Continuing the creepy fiction podcast trend, The Last Movie is less elaborate than some but has some compelling ideas.
  • The mega-documentary on 80s horror movies, In Search of Darkness, is back for Part II (Shudder) and I liked it better than the first part because it highlights far more obscure and lesser-known films.
  • Somehow I missed the new Craig Finn album that came out in February. It’s mostly a compilation of earlier song versions, but there are some original gems as well.

Grey tabby cat putting its head underneath a running water faucet

Hope you're having a bit of fun, however you can.

Love, Jen

This week’s quote is from Hanif Abdurraqib.