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On the good stuff

19 December 2014

Last week I wrote about taking emotional/mental stock at the end of the year, an activity that took on a dim tone due to its potential difficulty and confusion. To balance it out, it’s important not to miss the good stuff. In recent years, I’ve established the habit of looking back at the end of each year and making a list of what I did that was worth noting.

Here’s 2014:

2014 is the year I lost patience with the myopia of a tech community constantly prioritizing being right over considering the full range of human context, and realized I was much happier existing outside of it. 2014 is the year I realized my worst struggles and pain in recent years had been a result of being caught in others’ plans based on their perception of what I represented and what they needed from me, rather than who I was as an individual and what I needed. 2014 is the year I realized I had been a token, and the year I realized people were taking pieces of me, bit by bit, and not thinking about what they put back. 2014 is the year I realized there was a much better life outside of others’ expectations.

And, with that, I think I’m done looking backward.

What’s up next?

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