“Yes, I deserve a spring–I owe nobody nothing.”
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“Yes, I deserve a spring–I owe nobody nothing.”

This Week

It’s been a low-energy week, so no particular bits of news this week. Except I got my second vaccination. So that’s cool.

Queens of Infamy is back with Boudicca.

Photographer Justine Kurland captures the lawless energy of teen-age girls.

Every coffee characters drank in Twin Peaks, graphed.

“I’m less of a basket-case/unchecked missile when I sit regularly. Sitting is a reliable gateway to dignity, and it tends to help us leave others to theirs. Sitting—because it doesn’t need anything from you—has no demands, no scale of better or worse, no opinions, no ideology, no resentments and no fixed concept of who you are—is hyperbolically kind. It’s radically, consistently, unfathomably, breathtakingly kind. Sitting will peel away all your brittleness and knowing. It will leave you sober and quieter and in contact with your rage, disbelief, fear and extreme weirdness. It won’t let you off the hook.” Toward a philosophy of just sitting.


  • Shudder has been bringing in some worthy older horror films lately and now they’re streaming Jacques Tourneur’s Night of the Demon. I hadn’t seen this before and I really, really dug it.
  • So Girls5eva (Peacock) is a delight and I particularly recommend it to elder Millennial women such as myself.

Here are some kittens. It's been a couple of weeks, y'all. Enjoy.

Love, Jen

This week’s quote is from Virginia Woolf.